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A graphic designer born in southern Spain, grown in southern Switzerland. I create through image, color, text, code and ink. Unspecialised, working in fields ranging from web design to printed matter, with book design closer to the heart.

Ruben Campoy Bähler
Ticino, Switzerland
Wattenwil (BE)

Graphic Design (AFC)
Graphic Design (BA)
Maturità Artistica

Mandatory school
    •CEIP Lucena Rivas (Spain)
    •Scuola media Balerna (Ticino)
Graphic design Oriented
    •CSIA Lugano, Lugano (Ticino)
    •ECAL Lausanne, Lausanne (Vaud)

Experience in the field of graphic design
    •CSIA Lugano, Lugano (4 years)
    •ECAL Lausanne, Lausanne (3 years)
    •Central studio Lugano, Lausanne (1 year)
    •roesti collective, co-founder, (2018–ongoing)

Preferred media
    A book enthusiast, 
particularly interested in the intricacies of printed matter.

    •Woodex Ticino, 2024, logo, corporate
    •Fondazione Germanionico, 2023, logo
    •VXX Zweetz, 2019, 2020, logo, corporate, website
    •ECAL Cineclub 2022, 2023, 2024, posters
    •Valentina Sashivari 2024, poster
    •Moresport 2019, t-shirt design
    •Hotel Sereno Como, 2024, information design
    •Asha Tognola, 2022, motion design
    •MEDES, 2019, poster
    •Central Studio Lugano, 2018, 2019, motion design

    •MEDES, "Diritti umani in Svizzera", 2019
    •100 Beste Plakate, poster by Central Studio, motion design, 2019